Neverwinter Knights is an alliance of two PVE Neverwinter guilds: Holy Knights and Holy Swords. Our alliance is for players who help each other have a fun time and a pleasurable Neverwinter gaming experience. No drama. No fuss. We are just about having fun and helping each other do so. Founded in 25.th December 2016, the guilds take their names from the great Lord known for its teamwork, the HOLY. The Knights always worked as a team and no brother was ever left behind: in TEAM they went into battle.

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Neverwinter Knights aspire to continue this tradition by developing a spirit of teamwork among its holy members. We do this by aiding each other whenever possible: helping each other quest, level and dungeon delve; gearing up each other; and giving advice to each other on how to create an awesome build or play one’s toons properly. This is why guilds exist. This is what the Holy family is all about.

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                       Guilds basically bring people together

Some players are familiar with guilds from Neverwinter or other games.  Guilds basically bring people together for small communities and friendships.  The guilds can then get together daily and run activities and events together, and work on common goals that yield benefits to the whole group.  So being in a guild is  a super big advantage.  Usually by character level 60 or 70, players realize that they actually need a guild to progress in the game.  Each guild has a coffer (treasure chest) where influence, shards, and other items are donated to rank up the guild stronghold.  This is how the guild stronghold level is ranked up, and boons are gained for the entire guild membership!  This is why players realize they need a guild, because they need or want those incredibly awesome guild boons.  Another super big advantage is that you can only get dragonflight gear through a guild stronghold.  This gear will seriously boost your character, and it is acquired by running dragonflights (dragon fangs) and donating to the coffer (guild marks).  Everybody wants some dragonflight gear, just inspect any top players and you will see them wearing it.  Please be aware that we are a PVE guild (player vs environment), and NOT a PVP guild (player vs player).
We have two guilds, Holy Knights and Holy Swords because one just isn’t big enough 🙂  HK/HS are casual guilds, meaning we are not competitively trying to level the stronghold at a break-neck pace.  So instead of putting a lot of donation requirements on the HK/HS members, we simply encourage you to contribute items to the guild coffer.  Some guilds will require daily contributions to keep your membership.  HK/HS wants you to have fun, and simply contribute when & what item you are able.  Of course the more we contribute, the more stronghold boons we acquire, the more awesome boons you acquire.


Holy Swords is our guild for early player development, for players leveling to 70.   Currently the HS stronghold is at early development levels. You will be able to withdraw helpful items from the guild bank after you have been a member for two weeks.  We stock the bank specifically to get you better gear and items.  We also have a crafting team where you can order high end items.  When you reach level 70, let any guild general know and they will move you to Holy Knights, where you can immediately reap more benefits.

           If you want to join Holy Knights or Holy Swords, simply visit our forum Here
Note! you have to submit aplication form before we can invite you.
 Please provide and ingame character name & account, otherwise we wont be able to find you ingame!
After we aprove your submitted aplication, you are all done & ready for Neverwinter Knights activities & fun!
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Stay tuned, have fun & get informed!
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Guild Rules/Guidelines

1.) We are a fun-loving guild. Having fun is #1 priority.
2.) We are a drama-free guild. Please take chat drama private.
3.) We are a respectful guild. Vulgarity and inappropriate behavior is not acceptable. –   Cheaters and botters will be kicked from the guild imediately!
4.) We are a helpful guild. Members help each other.
5.) We are a generous guild. Gifts to the guild bank and Stronghold coffer are appreciated, recognized and shared with members.
6.) We work stronger, faster, together as a team.

Member rank promotion and dismissal is at the discretion of the GuildMasters in concert with the GuildGenerals and is based on the above guidelines. Recruits become members automatically after 30 days and are eligible for gifts after 45 days. Members and their alts are dismissed automatically if inactive for over 30 days, NO exeptions!